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New York, Ny United States (2011-Present) Englewood, NJ (2011-Present) born.Omaha Ne, United State Monte Bernard Maxwell , is an American rapper/producer/songwriter/entrepreneur/Screenwriter and current president and CEO of Psquared Media Music, LLC and first artist for Phat Phuk Records now P Squared Media Music, LLC. He is more commonly known as El Genius or more affectionately "Money" by his close friends. He is regarded as one of the most prolific and successful Omaha emcees in recent history and is known for his sharp lyricism, witty metaphors, extremely adaptive flow & outstanding freestyling ability. He entered the small but very talented arena of Omaha emcees in 2006 after serving 4 years in the United States Army with the release of El Genius Presents "The Long Ride" on Phat Phuk Records now Psquared Media Music,LLC. Currently El Genius has been nominated for multiple regional hip hop awards including Best Hip Hop and Best New Artist of 2009 presented by the Omaha Entertainment Awards Academy located in Omaha, Nebraska. Until finally winning Best Mixtape with "Big City Lights" in 2012. He is currently working in New York City with GT Visionz on a number of projects set to release in the upcoming future.

Discography: The Nine League Presents League Lounge Unreleased

Psquared Media Presents Deadly Kombination ft. Mello and Streetz (Unreleased)

El Genius Presents: "The Long Ride" (Released January 28, 2006 on Phat Phuk Records Published By Psquared Media Music,LLC) In Stores Now!!

Da Big 3 Presents: "Big City Lights" Starring El Genius, King James and Aso aka Mr. Omaha (Released June 24, 2009 on Psquared Media in Association with Handz On Music and Soldier Entertainment) available on Datpiff

El Genius Presents "The Long Ride 2: Prints of the City" (Released June 7, 2011) In Stores Now!!

El Genius Presents: B.E.A.$.T Vol. 1 Mixtape (Released July 2015 on Datpiff) Available Now

Currently working on a new project, expected drop date is fall or winter 2017 Stay Tuned!

El Genius is has been signed with Ear Goo Inc in the past for writing and composing songs for companies such as MTV, ABC, HBO, Nickolodeon, The Travel Channel, VH-1 Bet Networks, CNBC, Sony, Fox Searchlight Pictures and more.

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