Psquared Media-Shout Weekly Interview

FourSquared Posted on 04/20/11 in MarQ Manner, Music, No Comments This year I wanted to talk with and about some of the people behind the scenes who are helping to make the music and events happen in the Omaha area. This past week I met up with Josh Ginsburg whom along with Monte Maxwell (El Genius) runs Psquared Media. Ginsburg has stepped up as a promoter, producer, and manager in the past couple of years. In an effort to bring some variety to the Omaha stages he has many events slated for Omaha venues in 2011. I met up with Ginsburg at California Taco this past week to discuss these events and his role in the Omaha music community. Ginsburg started working in the community with a very different venture.” I started when I was 18, to be honest with you, with a group called People for Growth. We knew a couple of lawyers, and we wanted to provide lawyers for people with minor drug offenses. We did a lot of debates and things like that that. Everything changed when I had a daughter, so I didn’t want to continue with that. I knew Monte, and I started hanging around with him and going to shows with him, and it just spread into what we are doing now with our own shows. We have now done 140 shows in four years”. Some of his upcoming events include hip-hop star Lucky Luciano at Sokol Underground this Friday April 22. That show will also feature Stylo, Latin Threat, Romero, El Genius, and Mista Soull. Ginsburg along with Surreal has also booked The Waiting Room Lounge on Wednesday, April 20 for the 9th Annual Omaha 4-20 show. This show will feature Funk Trek, Lightning Bug, MO Caius, Mars Black, Boba Lue, and DJ E. Babbs. Psquared Media will also be hosting a trio of ongoing club nights at various venues around the city. On the third Thursday of every month, Ginsburg will be hosting “The Slo-Motion Monthly Music Series” at Elite Lounge. This night will feature a wide range of hip-hop, r & b, and acoustic songwriters. I asked Ginsburg about the event and if it is an open mike night. He said, “No, I book the artists. This is one of the things we wanted to do, we wanted to provide another stage for local artists and the hip hop community.” Anotherr ongoing event will be happening at T-Henrys called “Downtown Sounds,” which will feature a mix of rock bands and hip-hop artists not only from Omaha, but from around the country. On this event Ginsburg said, “We are bringing back a lot of the stuff that Surreal was doing with the mixed shows at The Ranch Bowl, where Surreal was mixing up the rock acts with the hip hop artists.” The last series is one that Ginsburg has been doing for over a year now, and that is the “Hip-Hop Revival”at 415. . “Last year we did it for 10 months in a row at the 415, and we did 10 to 15 emcees every night. It was once a month, and we started doing it on a Monday, and it ended up being Thursday nights and packed. You can follow all of these events and get dates at Besides booking events, Psquared media has gotten into recording, networking, and managing other acts. Psquared has recently set up shop inside Make Believe studios and has been booking blocks of time with acts there. On his studio work Ginsburg remarked, “We are the most affordable professional studio in Omaha. We have made it to the point where we are not competing with basement studios, but competing with the bigger studios.” One of his main focuses is the music career of his business partner El Genius, who I will be talking with next month prior to his CD release. When asked what the future holds for the two he said, “Ultimately, my goal is to be where I am handling the business side of thing, and Monte can handle the music. Monte has a business degree as well, he is a smart guy. With PSquared Media I am all business, and I am not going to take a step back. We are just setting ourselves a part.” MarQ Manner has been involved with music in Omaha his entire adult life – from managing and booking bands to a 15-year run as manager at Homer’s Records to writing a local music column for the past 10 years. Currently, Marq is the Music Nominating Chair for the Omaha Arts & Entertainment Awards.