"Neva Scared (Shine)" by El Genius ft Produkt & S.Gats

The Nebraska Native (El Genius) links up with the Bronx Bomber (Produkt) and Canada's S. Gats to release one of the hottest records of the year! This uptempo production provided by BrainSick's King Iso and  the diabolical street oriented lyricism crafted by Produkt and El Genius make this record a classic.

The Long Ride Full Length Album

The first step in the journey....its a long ride.The_Long_Ride Promo ft. Mista Soull.mp3

Boba Lue Presents: Chosen O.NE produced by El Genius

A collection of eclectic hip hop records written by Boba Lue and produced by El Genius.

The Long Ride 2: Prints of the City EP

Da Big 3 Presents: Big City Lights

El Genius teams up with SEA Award Winner King James and OHA Award Winner Aso aka Mr. Omaha to give you the best mixtape to hit the midwest ever!

Slo Dance Ft. Tae Calip

The debut single from Sir Gio D. expressing the feeling of love at first sight. With Tae Calip from the group Tae N Ace providing the explicit touch this record is as smooth as silk and plush as velvet. Squirters only.

Attention Whore by J-R.O.C.K.

The first full length album from "Midwest Super-Producer" Kendrick J-R.O.C.K. Adams titled "Attention Whore" recorded arranged and published by El Genius for P Squared Media Music, LLC and The Adams Family.

"No_Way No How" by J-R.O.C.K..mp3